Tiendesitas in Manila - Philippines

One of the most inviting, popular and relaxing shopping complexes in Metro Manila, Philippines, Tiendesitas is very easy to find and is accessible by different forms of public transportation available in the area. To attract people in the place, it features numerous specialty stores and retail shops. Additionally, Tiendesitas holds special events for the entertainment of all shoppers. Furthermore, for the convenience of everyone, the shopping place also assigns a place where people can dine and unwind.

How to Get There

For those who will be coming from Manila City, they need to ride buses or jeepneys going to MRTs Ayala Station. From this station they need to ride MRT bound to Ortigas Station. From the station, they can walk until they reach the Libis intersection near Robinsons Galleria. Tiendesitas is only several minute-walk from this intersection. On the other hand, for those who do not want to ride in MRTs coaches, they can ride buses from Ayala to Robinsons Galleria. Meanwhile, for people who want to ride in shuttle buses bound to Tiendesitas, which are stationed at Greenhills, they can ride in jeepneys or taxis from Robinsons Galleria to Greenhills in Ortigas, Pasig City.

What to See

Inside Tiendesitas, people can find numerous specialty shops and retail stores. This shopping complex is divided into nine areas, which include Handicrafts Village, Pets Village, and Garden Village. For shoppers who are in search for affordable fashion items, they can check out Fashion Village, as well as Personal Care and Novelties Village. Meanwhile, to serve those who want to purchase unique house furniture, they can visit Home Furnishings Village and Antiques Village. Some of the stores that people can see at this shopping complex are Purple Candy, Palileo Antique Shop, and Jardin De Manila. After a tiring day shopping at Tiendesitas, shoppers can stay at its Food Village and Delicacies Village where they can eat Filipino treats like suman, balut, and budbod.


Established by Ortigas and Co. Limited Partnership, Tiendesitas was opened to public on the 26th day os September in the year 2005. The private company spent almost 200 million pesos for the establishment of this shopping complex. When visiting this place, should allot at least 1,000 pesos if they want to shop for clothes or accessories. Meanwhile, for those who to purchase house furniture and garden equipment, the cost of these products range from 5,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos. Finally, for people who will just visit the place to taste the different local delicacies, they can allot at least 100 pesos.



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