The Manila Bay Sunset Cruise - Philippines

Some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Philippines are scattered in and around Metro Manila, but while these sites are often packed with tourists and well known, the experience of going on a Manila Bay sunset cruise may be something you have yet to try. If not its about time you did.

There are several ferries and boats that offer a Manila Bay sunset cruise, including the M/V Spirit of Manila and the Tennessee Walker. There are also several hotels and resorts that now offer among their tour packages a cruise around the Bay. The prices for each will vary depending on the package you want and the service too.

For example, if you just want a Manila Bay sunset cruise the cost will be about 300 Php per person for an hour ($5) without dinner. If you want to include the food the price will double to 600 Php. Other services may be more expensive and the cost will be upwards of 1,000 Php to 3,000 Php. However, you can expect these services to include trips to other popular tourist attractions in the Philippines like Rizal Park, or even a city tour of Manila.

There may be some who will feel hesitant about going on a Manila Bay sunset cruise, not knowing what to expect. The truth is that it can be one of sheer pleasure. Watching the sun go down at the Baywalk or Roxas Boulevard is entrancing enough, but to watch while you are on the upper deck of a ship is something else. These boats also have seats on the upper deck, where you can not only savor the view of the sunsets, but also listen to the music provided by the live bands. With a drink in hand, it can be a perfect way to cap a visit to the Philippines.

When you go on a Manila Bay sunset cruise you can also feast on some great food. Depending on the package you choose, you and your friends can dine on blue marlins, tacos or pasta. Those who are vegetarians can have their fill of assorted vegetables and tea while those with a sweet tooth will have plenty to choose from, from blueberry cakes to ice creams. Most of the services also serve various appetizers and grilled food, including BBQ and chicken.

Even the most mundane things seem exceptional when cast in a different light, and while the setting of the sun is an everyday occurrence, viewing it while on a Manila Bay sunset cruise allows you to see it for what it really is: a resplendent aerial show at par with the other tourist attractions in the Philippines.



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