Sightseeing in Manila

There are very few cities that can represent the history and culture of the Philippines as well as Manila. The next time that you are in the nation’s capital, make sure to drop by the following places of interest.


The word literally translates to “within walls” in Spanish, and is an apt name for the enclosed city. During the Spanish conquest, Intramuros was Manila itself, where all the important government, political and religious edifices were erected. During World War II the walled city came under heavy bombardment from the American forces, as the Japanese used the city as a base.

Intramuros was reconstructed in the 1980s and today one can see numerous Spanish era edifices there, including the San Ignacio Church, San Agustin Chruch, Manila Cathedral and the Palacio Arzobispal, among others. There are also bulwarks ravelin and redoubt structures all over the walls.

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Manila Ocean Park

Situated near the Quirino Grandstand, Manila Ocean Park is one of the largest oceanariums in Southeast Asia, occupying more than 80,000 sq. ft. Some of the features of this marine theme park include the Agos, a rainforest complete with an assortment of different fish types.

The Bahura (Reef) displays replicas of various coral found in the Philippines; the Kalaliman (Depths of the Ocean), showcasing the varied marine life forms in the seas; the Pating features different types of sharks, while the Pagi focuses on sting rays. The Living Ocean is an 80 ft walkway tunnel where one can view all kinds of marine life.

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Manila Bay

Manila Bay is one of the best things about Metro Manila and the Philippines in general. It is functional, serving as the port of Luzon and at the same time, a nice hub for tourist activities.

Manila Bay has a coastline of 190 kilometers. On either side of it are two volcanic peaks – Bataan Peninsula at the north and Cavite at the south. There are several islands within the bay and the most popular and the largest of them is Corregidor Island, which is about three kilometers from the province of Bataan.

Through the years, Manila Bay has served many important functions and those were carefully documented in Philippine history. Today, it still remains a significant part of Philippine culture although water quality has declined tremendously. In the metro, Manila Bay is a must-see destination ideal for relaxing walks and scenic views of the sunset.

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Museo Pambata

Museo Pambata is a popular children’s museum situated along Roxas Boulevard. It is a learning center that is a must-see for both tourists and locals. That’s because it offers an opportunity for the young generation not just to see but also to experience the past, the present as well as the future.

Exhibits at the Museo Pambata range from natural to historical to scientific and artistic masterpieces that are allowed for exploration. Hands-on learning, as the people behind the museum believe, is definitely the best way to stimulate a child’s mind. On top of that, museum organizers made sure that Museo Pambata is as interactive as it could get to present a wonderful alternative to formal classroom sessions.

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Splash Island

Splash Island started a new trend in the waterpark industry. It presented summer fun in an oh-so-delectable way that no man could probably resist.

Splash Island made its debut in 2005 but a couple of years later, its popularity started to wear off. Good thing, the management decided never to give up, they made the waterpark go through a total makeover. New attractions and lots of excitement rekindled the strength of Splash Island as an important landmark of the South. Soon enough, people started to drive a little farther south, in Biñan, Laguna, to see and experience the fun presented by this hip resort.

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Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club

There are many golf clubs that can be found in Metro Manila. What makes Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club a standout is the fact that it is very accessible, has very interesting amenities on offer, and presents an amazing place to relax and unwind.

Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club is located at Old Balara in Diliman, Quezon City. Membership is pretty pricey but it is definitely worth it. Members along with his dependents are treated to a wide range of recreation facilities including a swimming pool, a board room, a bar and restaurant, a conference room, and a massage room among others. Of course, it is an ideal place to enjoy refreshing games of golf.

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Manila Zoo

In existence since 1959, the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden is the oldest in Asia. With over 800 animals (over 100 species), this zoo remains one of the main attractions of the city, and offers insights and peeks into the different kinds of animals in the Philippines and also around the world.

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The National Museum

This is the primary repository of the historical data and artifacts concerning Manila and the Philippines. The museum features several artifacts and handiworks from the various points in Philippine history, from the ancient tribes and peoples to the Spanish and American periods to information and relics from World War II.

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Star City

Star City is a popular theme park that is located right in the heart of the metro – CCP Complex along Roxas Boulevard.

The idea of mixing retail with amusement, which is popular among malls and activity centers, is an idea original to Star City management. The people behind the theme park believe that shopping while having fun around with wonderful rides is a good combination. Judging from how successful Star City is and how many people flock to the place all year through, they cannot be wrong.

Star City offers lots of fun with indoor carnival, unique adult rides for an exciting thrill, and awesome attractions. It is one of the best places to relax, unwind, and have fun without having to travel far.

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Casa Manila Museum

Casa Manila Museum features the culture of old Philippines. It is located in Intramuros, Manila and featured cultural heritage in an enticing manner. You would surely love walking down memory lane with the representations that the majestic museum offers.

Casa Manila Museum is an old building that was constructed based on an archival layout. It shows off, basically, the lifestyle of a wealthy family from many years before. It is filled with pricey items that mostly accentuate the old Ilustrado houses.

Casa Manila Museum is truly a must-see, especially since it is but a part of the exquisite Plaza San Luis Complex, where you will be able to enjoy and experience a lot of other things.

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American Cemetery

The American Cemetery or the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is a must-see place for both locals and tourists who would want to rediscover the rich history of the Philippines. It is situated in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

The American Cemetery is a 152-acre place where 17,206 tombstones can be found. It is the largest cemetery in the Pacific region that is intended for American soldiers who died during the Second World War. Aside from US personnel, there are also a number of Filipinos buried at the American Cemetery, most of those were killed at New Guinea where the Battle of the Philippines in early 1940s occurred.

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Metropolitan Museum of Manila

Metropolitan Museum of Manila is a popular point of travel for both locals and tourists. It is located along Roxas Boulevard, at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex. It is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 6pm, except during holidays.

Metropolitan Museum of Manila features a rich display of arts of the modern-day. It also holds exhibitions involving architecture, design, city planning, computers, and even sports. The paintings displayed at the museum are priceless work of arts from interesting artists. The place is committed to rekindle the artistic spirit in every man by exhibiting a wide range of arts that appeal to practically all kinds of people.

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Luneta Park

Aside from its historical significance as the sight of the execution of Jose Rizal, Luneta (or Rizal Park) contains other attractions, including a small lake with a replica of the Philippines situated in its midst. The Chinese Gardens, a Planetarium, and a monument of Lapu Lapu, are among its other features.

Quiapo Church

This ancient church (the groundwork was laid down in the 15th century) is the site of the Black Nazarene, an ebony statue of Jesus Christ. Every January 9 the Church hosts the Procession of the Black Nazarene, where millions of devotees flock to the site to witness the parading of the revered icon.

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Cinema in Gateway Mall

Watching movies is a favorite pastime for everyone. In Manila, watching movies is best enjoyed at Gateway Cinemas.

Gateway mall is situated at the heart of Quezon City, right beside the famous big dome or the Araneta Coliseum. It is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the metro with stalls that are filled with all the beautiful things. But if ever Gateway mall clicks among the mall rats, it is also because it houses the hippest cinemas in town.

The Gateway Cineplex 10 is located at the fourth floor of the mall. It is a state-of-the-art complex with highly advanced amenities that are not only appropriate for the best viewing pleasure but also for the most convenient and comfortable experience. Gateway cinemas are varied. You may choose to go intimate with a luxurious VIP screening complete with a La-Z-Boy chair. Or you may also want to go for the big experience with a crowd in the auditorium-designed cinemas.

Gateway Cineplex also boasts of a lavish lobby adjacent to coffee lounges and fine dining restos. You may want to have a fill of your favorite gastronomic adventure before seeing a movie or you may want to just go over the Snaxx counter and pop in with your fave movie buddies – soda, popcorn, and chips.

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Manila Golf Club

The Manila Golf Club is an exclusive destination for people who like luxurious leisure. It is the most expensive golf club not just in the metro but also in the whole country, in terms of membership. The money you pay for membership at Manila Golf Club, however, is never put in vain as it serves as your passport to the most exciting amenities and features you would ever want in a golf club.

Situated at the elegance of Forbes Park in Makati City, Manila Golf offers a variety of amenities including practice areas, tee houses, and restaurants among others. It also holds a number of tournaments spread throughout the year. There is surely no down time if you are a member of such an exclusive golf club.

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The Rizal Shrine

Jose Rizal is one of the most important characters in Philippine history. He is the country’s national hero and had made a significant contribution instrumental to Philippines’ independence. With that fact out, it is not difficult to see the rational behind The Rizal Shrine.

The Rizal Shriine is situated at Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila. It is dedicated to the life and work of the great Jose Rizal. Intramuros is an iconic site as it is the place where the hero was last imprisoned before his execution in Luneta. If you want to learn more about Philippine culture and the Filipinos in general, this is a must-see.

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Tiendesitas presents a whole new shopping experience. Situated along C-5 Road, it showcases many little stores that feature the best products that are proudly Philippine made. There are a wide variety of shops selling antiques, art, crafts, furniture, food, pets, plants, clothing, accessories, and novelty items among others.

Tiendesitas started operating in 2005 and since then, it started soaring high in terms of popularity among local and tourist shoppers. Shopping hours are from noon to midnight, which the management believes is ideal for the target market -- the working class and the visiting tourists. Tiendesitas is truly the place to be if you are looking for native delicacies and handicrafts.

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Rizal Park

Rizal Park is located right at the heart of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. It is a park dedicated to the lifework of the country’s national hero – Jose Rizal -- also known by its original name Bagumbayan and its current name Luneta.

Rizal Park serves as an iconic site not just for Rizal but for the Phillipine history in general. But definitely, the most important event that the place witnessed many years before is the execution of the hero, which made the country’s independence possible.

Rizal Park is also where the zero kilometer marker is located, right where the Rizal monument is. As such, the park also serves as a point of origin to any other locations in the Philippines.

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Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills Shopping Center is a haven for those who are in the lookout for great buys, good eats, and best views. It does not only feature a shopping complex filled with interesting items that are offered at a reasonable price. It also has restaurants, cinemas, a concert theater, and a number of entertainment venues.

Greenhills Shopping Center is located in San Juan City. It is conveniently accessible from the part of EDSA where Ortigas Avenue is. It is also very near the famous Club Filipino.

Greenhills Shopping Center features about 2,000 stores that are spread out through an indoor-outdoor style building, which are interconnected through bridges and pathways. Some of its must-see attractions include The Great Eats Food Court, Toy Kingdom, Q-Power Station, Promenade, and Music Museum among others.

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Japanese Garden

The Rizal Park is definitely the most popular park in the metro and in the country as well. It is not only the seat of the monument of patriot and martyr Jose Rizal but also it is a massive resting place where people can choose the brand of relaxation they want.

The Rizal Park has numerous, secluded areas where you can have private bonding moments with your loved ones. Among those is the Japanese Garden, which, like the Chinese Garden, has a very unique structure. Located at the middle section of Rizal Park, the Japanese Garden was built to preserve and promote the friendship between Japan and the Philippines.

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Antipolo Survival Trail

Antipolo City in Rizal is a nice hiking place. It features a not-so-complicated trail that is singletrack and rocky. That’s why an Antipolo Survival Trail is one of the more interesting activities recommended for tourists and locals alike who want to have fun while being challenged.

The Antipolo Survival Trail usually starts at Boso Boso, which is along Marcos Highway. It is 30 kilometers away from Manila and quite very accessible even by public transport. It is a 15-kilometer challenge trail that includes stream crossings and muddy clay soil. You must bring the necessary tools and accessories along. The Antipolo Survival Trail is best experienced during the cooler season, between November and February.

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Malacanang Palace

The Malacanang Palace is the seat of the current president of the country. It is where the offices of His Excellency can be found. More often than not, Malacanang Palace is also where the president and his family reside for the duration of his tenure.

Malacanang Palace is located along Pasig River in Manila. It is a complex of buildings including the Mabini Hall, the Kalayaan Hall, the Bonifacio Hall, a park, and a presidential resthouse.

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EDSA Shrine

There is something historical about EDSA Shrine. It is the point where the EDSA Revolution of 1986 occurred. People believed that the bloodless uprising and peaceful revolt also known as the People Power Revolution is due to the intercession of Our Lady.

The EDSA Shrine is officially known as the Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace. It is located at the crossroads of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue. From its essential part in drawing the Philippine history, the small church became well-known in many parts of the world.

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Enchanted Kingdom

If you like a theme park experience like no other, you must not wait another moment to head to the best location – the Enchanted Kingdom!

True to its name, the Enchanted Kingdom will keep you amused and amazed all through out. It features many exciting rides, most of which are of international caliber. The Space Shuttle, the Jungle Log Jam, the Rio Grande Rapids, the Anchors Away, the Swan lake, the Grand Carousel, the Rialto, and the Wheel of Fate are just some of the interesting attractions that you will enjoy. Plus, there are a variety of souvenir items that you may take home to complete the magical experience.

Enchanted Kingdom is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, which is about 29 kilometers away from Manila. Check out EK’s website for exciting promos and discounts that will help you save up on your fees, making your experience even more enjoyable.

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Quiapo Market Area

Quiapo Market Area has been popular for a lot of things – many are not very pleasing. People do not know, however, that amid all the intrigues and bad news involving Quiapo, it is truly an exciting place to go to enjoy one of the more popular activities we all love – shopping!

Quiapo Market Area is also known as the old downtown Manila. It features a wide variety of products, making it one of the most comprehensive markets in the metro. You can find vegetables, fruits, meat, baked goodies, preserved sweets, religious items, and even herbal remedies. The negative impression of the people about Quiapo Market Area is mainly due to the fact that it is also where you can find the widest supply of pirated CDs, VCDs, and software.

But surely, you must never miss out a trip to the Quiapo Market Area. Beside it is the very popular church where the Black Nazarene can be found, another must-see.

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Majestic Manila Cathedral

Not just a house of praise, the Majestic Manila Cathedral is a site for tourist exploration. Located at the heart of Manila, in scenic Intramuros, it is also known in different names like the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica yet it is still more popularly known as the Manila Cathedral.

The first church in the Manila Cathedral’s current location was built in 1581 using only nipa and bamboo. Not too long after that, it was brought down by typhoon and then by fire. In 1592, a stone church was built in replacement but it was destroyed by a strong earthquake eight years later. The third, fourth and fifth cathedrals were constructed one after the other is severely damaged by strong earthquakes. The cathedral we see now is the sixth construction, built during the 1950s. It was elevated from the cathedral rank to minor basilica during Pope John Paul II’s regime, in 1981.

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Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

One of the priceless activities you could enjoy while in Manila is watching sunsets by the Manila Bay. Aware of that tourism strength, business-minded individuals decided to offer the experience to be included in every visiting tourist’s itinerary.

Manila Bay Sunset Cruise provides the most interesting experience of the Manila skyline – yes, while cruising the Manila Bay. Mostly, Manila Bay Sunset Cruise is about a two — hour cruise that leaves the pier at 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock in the afternoon. It may or may not include dinner. The rates for the two are of course, different.

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Manila Yacht Club

The Manila Yacht Club is an exclusive organization for members-only, based in Manila Bay. It organizes competitions not just regionally but internationally as well as must-see events. Racing and sailing events mostly fill the MYC calendar.

The Manila Yacht Club was founded in 1927 when five serious yachtsmen met at the Polo Club, which was situated right beside the bay during that time. The gathering’s outcome was a signed contract of the by-laws that formed the club. Since then, it became the Mecca of social and sporting events that is exclusive to club members, which grew by the day. Its most popular event is the President’s Cup Regatta, which is held every year.

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Marvelous Marikina Shoe Museum

Marikina City is more popularly known for its export quality shoes than any other industry. That’s why the city government felt it but right to build a museum dedicated to their most precious product. It was conceived by then Mayor Bayani Fernando to provide a venue where the culture and history of the shoe industry can be nurtured. The Marvelous Marikina Shoe Museum opened in 2001 and was initially called the Footwear Museum of Marikina.

The Marvelous Marikina Shoe Museum has such a rich display of an assortment of collection. There is that famous collection of former First Lady Imelda Marcos along with the shoes worn by important personalities in Philippine history. Aside from the displays, the museum also hosts a shoemaking know-how.

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The Araneta Coliseum

Also known as The Big Dome, The Araneta Coliseum is a popular venue for important events – sports, entertainment, politics, etc. It is the biggest indoor stadium with the largest seating capacity. The 23,000-square meter floor area can seat about 14,000 plus people during a basketball match, 24,000 plus people during an end-stage concert, and 15,000 plus people during a center-stage concert.

The Araneta Coliseum has hosted many memorable events from sporting events to concerts by local and international artists to shows to beauty pageants to circus to seminars to graduations and whatnots. It is conveniently located inside the Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City.

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The Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum combines art and history in a very interesting package. Located at the corner of Dela Rosa Street and Makati Avenue in Makati City, it is very accessible from the posh hotels of the metro. It is also but a 10-minute walk away from the Ayala Station of the Metro Rail Transit.

The Ayala Museum is considered one of the more important private institutions that feature the Philippines rich history and culture. Previously, it is concentrated on Philippine culture, traditions, and iconography. As the 20th century drew to a close, however, the Ayala Museum has transformed into a museum dedicated to arts and history. There are a couple of permanent exhibitions in the museum. All throughout the year, it also hosts special exhibitions featuring the works of either young artists or historical photographers.

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China has as much influence to the Filipino culture as Spain. A big part of Filipino culture and tradition is picked up from the Chinese. The government also holds dear the presence of the Filipino-Chinese community anywhere in the country, especially in Manila where the Chinatown is located.

Chinatown is a community dedicated to preserve the Chinese lifestyle and culture. It is located in Binondo, Manila and is quite very popular among those who are excited for good finds.

Chinatown is established during the late 1500s. It is undoubtedly the oldest Chinese community in the world. To the modern world, however, Chinatown is a popular destination where numerous restaurants and bazaars can be found. It is a good place to eat and shop and experience the Chinese way of life.

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Malling in Metro Manila

If you like going to the malls, you will never be short of options while you are in Manila. Malling in Metro Manila is a diverse experience. That’s because there are numerous malls – malls of all kinds – that can be found all over the metro. It is not merely just about what you want to buy but also about the kind of malling experience you want to enjoy.

Metro Manila malls come from humble, small-sized, great-for-bargain-hunters kind to majestic and massive complex where everything that you need and more can be found. There are a number of SM and Robinsons malls spread around the metro. There is the most notable Mall of Asia, which ambitiously geared into the objective of being the biggest in Asia. The Greenbelt complex is also a popular choice among tourists because it is conveniently located near the posh hotels and it houses many international brands in terms of clothing, accessories, and food as well. If you are in for great finds and you intend to buy in bulk, however, the Tutuban Malls in Divisoria, Manila is a good place to go to.
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Malate Church

Malate Church is a popular destination among Metro Manila tourists and locals alike. Why, it is majestic, provides a nice place to hang out after mass, and is a choice location for the most memorable weddings.

Malate Church is a baroque-style church dedicated to Nuestra Senora de Remedios or Our lady of Remedies. Thus, it is known as the Our lady of Remedies Parish or simply the Malate Catholic Church. It is one of the oldest churches in Manila, outside Intramuros. It was originally constructed during the 16th century and went through a number of restoration process.

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The Cultural Center of the Philippines

One of Ferdinand Marcos’s important legacies is the construction of The Cultural Center of the Philippines. Built in the late 1960s, it was intended to become a seat of Filipino arts and culture. Thus, the CCP, hosted many cultural events and art exhibitions.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines has a number of theaters, galleries, a museum, and a library – all are dedicated to preserve whatever if left of the Filipino arts and culture.

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The IMAX Cinema at Mall of Asia

Innovative and modernistic, The IMAX Cinema of Mall of Asia reinvents movie viewing in every aspect – see, hear, and feel. The IMAX experience is truly a must-try for everyone. It is first of its kind in the Philippines and it is truly special, intended for memorable movie dates and whatnots.

The IMAX theater is but one of the many powerful attractions of the SM Mall of Asia, a massive commercial complex that is built with everything that you need and more. Upon arriving at Mall of Asia, you will need not to go to anywhere else anymore.

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GSIS Museo Ng Sining

There are countless museums that you can find all over Metro Manila. What separates GSIS Museo ng Sining from the rest? Well, it is the fact that it is an art museum dedicated to Filipino national artists.

GSIS Museo ng Sining is an art gallery located at the GSIS main building at the CCP Complex in Pasay City. It has a collection 162 artworks from popular artists like Fernando Amrosolo, Vicente Manansala, Botong Francisco, Hernando ocampo, and Federico Alcuaz. Interestingly, there is also one of Juan Luna’s masterpieces displayed at the museum – the “Parisian Life”.

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Roxas Boulevard

Roxas Boulevard is more than just an important highway. It is also a major hub for interesting activities, thus, becoming one of Manila’s most popular landmarks.

Roxas Boulevard is an eight-lane, ten-kilometer strait that stretches from Pasay City to Paranaque City to Cavite. It is named after former president, President Manuel Roxas. Roxas Boulevard runs parallel to Manila Bay that’s why it is also known for watching sunsets. It offers the most picturesque drive to the south of Manila as well as the most exciting activities during gimmick nights. A number of hotels, museums, condominiums, business offices, restaurants, and entertainment venues line one side of the road and Manila Bay on the other.

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Silahis Arts and Artifacts

Silahis Arts and Artifacts is an artist’s haven. It features a rich display of the Philippine culture and arts through a variety of handicrafts. It was established in 1966 and has been engaged ever since in designing, producing, wholesaling, exporting, and retailing handmade products. The Philippines boast of the finest crafts and they are best personified by Silahis Arts and Artifacts.

Silahis Arts and Artifacts is located in Intramuros, Manila. It also maintains a Makati Branch, located along Nicanor Garcia Street in Bel-Air.

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Chinatown Walking Tours

Manila boasts Chinatown as one of its most precious landmarks. This little community located in Binondo, Manila features everything Chinese – from the products to the food to the layouts.

For those who want to experience the Chinese heritage in Filipino culture, there is no better way doing so than enlisting on Chinatown walking tours. It will keep you enlightened on the lifestyle and history of this part of Manila. Chinatown walking tours may include a walk down memory lane, eating delectable Chinese dishes, and finding good buys.

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The Philippines has a lot of scenic places that can offer relaxing respite. Tagaytay, which is very accessible from Manila, is one of them.

Tagaytay is located in the province of Cavite. It is only 55 kilometers away from Manila – a short distance from the metro. It is one of the Philippines’s most pleasant city offering picturesque views of luscious greeneries and a lovely weather.

There are numerous must-see places in Tagaytay. There’s the Picnic Grove, the People’s Park in the Sky, the Tagaytay Highlands, the Divine Word Seminary, and the Filipino-Japanese Friendship Garden among others. There are numerous restaurants, spas, and hotels that can be found along with those landmarks.

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Manila Memorial Park

There are many iconic locations in the Philippines. One of them is Manila Memorial Park. It may be simply just a resting place for the dearly departed but it is also the pioneer in the memorial park business, making it an important, must-see site. It is modern and fully developed, with amazing facilities to reckon with.

Manila Memorial Park is undoubtedly the leader in memorial park industry. Its main location is Paranaque City, which is within the metro. But there are also other offices located in Cebu and Davao. What is the most prestigious thing about Manila Memorial Park? It is the resting place of Ninoy and Cory Aquino, two of the more popular characters of modern-day Philippine history.

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Watching Sunsets in Metro Manila

Metro Manila is a destination of choice of most tourists. Why, the hustle bustle of the metro heats up exciting activities while showcasing the Filipino hospitality at its finest. Being at the center of activities, however, should not put you at a serious distance with nature. Even when you are just in Manila, you can enjoy the serenity that nature offers. One of the most serene pleasures you can enjoy is to go on a laid back adventure as you watch the sunset. Watching sunsets in Metro Manila is a favorite activity for those who love to relax and commune and reflect, even for just a while. This is best experienced at the Manila Bay, where you get to feel like you are in a beach somewhere, definitely not secluded -- the sun setting against the reflection of the waters.

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Rizal Monument

The Rizal Park is a favorite hangout not just because it is a nice place but also because it is where the Rizal Monument is in.

The Rizal Monument is located at the western section of Rizal Park. It was built to commemorate and salute the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The very place that the Rizal monument is standing is exactly near the place where the hero was executed in December of 1896. The Rizal Monument is composed of an obelisk set upon the stone pedestal.

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Divisoria Market

The Divisoria Market is the most popular marketplace for bargain hunters and bulk buyers. It is a massive shopping center that is located along Claro M. Recto Avenue in Manila. It is considered unmatched in terms of the variety of goods on sale as well as the price. That’s why, it is a must-see place for both tourists and locals alike.

The Divisoria Market is big and is almost always chaotic. It is mostly filled with exciting shoppers from all over in June, before the schoolyear opens, and in December, during the Christmas season. More than all the goods available, Divisoria is known for textiles and clothing. The prices are mostly wholesale prices, which you can even lower as you haggle to the last peso.

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Greenbelt Park

In the middle of all the commercial chaos that is Ayala Center lies Greenbelt Park, a serene, green place where people can enjoy taking it slow as a way to relax and unwind. It may be very near all the hustle and bustle of the city life but it has the ability to take your mind off the busy metro lifestyle.

Greenbelt Park is a pocket-size haven. It features little waterfalls and fountains, a small lagoon, zen gardens, and a small chapel. The dome-shaped chapel is dedicated to the Holy Infant of Peace or Sto. Nino de la Paz. Noon and after office hours masses are filled by the working class who wants to find solace and a place to rest their tired souls.

Surrounding Greenbelt Park is a lieu of restaurants and coffee shops including Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, and the M Café among others.

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Alabang Golf and Country Club

Alabang Golf and Country Club is an exclusive and elite, members-only organization that features a spacious driving range, tee houses, pro-shop, a swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling lanes, billiard tables, locker rooms, gym, restaurants, and sauna among others. It is a great place to relax and unwind and enjoy a game of golf.

Alabang Golf and Country Club is located in Muntinlupa City, about 20 kilometers south of Makati City. The best way to get there is by private or rental transportation.

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Casino Filipino

Casino Filipino is a luxurious 5-star complex that is located along Roxas Boulevard, right beside the elegant Hyatt Hotel. It is very accessible from some of Manila’s finest travel destinations – cultural, historical, and even commercial areas.

Casino Filipino is a gambling haven that will help tourists enjoy a Las Vegas-like experience. It sells itself as one of the friendliest casinos that you can find in Asia. This gambling palace offers a wide variety of exciting casino games including blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, and of course, poker. Aside from variety, you will love it that Casino Filipino is teeming with interesting players that can help you enjoy the experience even more.

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Corregidor Island Tour

Corregidor Island is one destination that combines natural beauty with rich historical values. It is a three-mile stretch flanked by the provinces of Cavite and Bataan. During the Spanish and American era, it was used as a checkpoint for vessels that are entering Manila Bay. Corregidor Island is almost always associated with the Bataan Death March, probably due to its geographical proximity to the said province.

A tourist visiting the Philippines who would want to know more about the bravery of the people should take on a Corregidor Island Tour. Packaged tours usually involve transportation to and from, a buffet lunch, and a trip to the memorable places in the island that are truly worth noting.

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Cruising around the Taal Volcano and Lake

A little farther south, there is an interesting activity you would surely enjoy – cruising around Taal Volcano and lake.

Taal Volcano is located in the province of Batangas. It is originally a huge, towering volcano at about 18,000 feet above the ground. But it looks small now and it is often dubbed as the smallest active volcano. The reason for that is probably the fact that it is inside the Lake of Taal. People who would want to discover the beauty of Taal Volcano as well as Taal Lake may do so by securing a cruising package tour.

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Paco Park

Paco Park was constructed by the Spaniards during the 1700s to serve as the final resting place of the aristocracy, When the Japanese occupied Manila, it was converted into an ammo depot. In the 1960s, under President Dioasdao Macapagal, the area was transformed into a park. Today it often hosts cultural presentations, and also a setting for weddings and other events.

Fort Santiago

One of the most storied landmarks in Manila, Fort Santiago functions today as a museum dedicated to preserving the relics and artifacts of the Spanish regime, and also the Rizal shrine. It also features several jails that were used by the colonists.

Fort Santiago served numerous functions in its history; very early on it was part of the kingdom of Raja Suliman, ruler of pre Hispanic Manila. When the Spaniards came in the 15th century the place was converted into their military fortress. Later it also served as a port for trade.

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