Red Crab in Manila - Philippines

Red Crab offers international and fusion cuisines in a mainly seafood menu selections. This restaurant prides itself with serving the delectable seafood dishes in its creative menu composed of European, Asian and American cuisines. The menu is filled with creative names for its delightful dishes.

For the soup selection in Red Crab, guests can choose from the Boston Chowder and the Crab Bisque in Soup Bread. Another recommended appetizer is the Crab Meat and Bacon Soup Bread, which is a delight for guests who love a sinful food combination. The Mussels in Thai Broth is good for sharing, and it contains New Zealand mussels in a spicy Asian broth.

Starters are also a delight in Manilas Red Crab. Their appetizers include New Zealand mussels with a sauce made with butter cream, on a lovely fondue with cubes of delectable French bread. Another popular appetizer is meanwhile a different version of the first one, as it is served with paprika and chorizo soup along with the cubes of French bread. Other appetizers include Octopussy with Love, which are basically calamari rings with wasabi and mayo, and Great Balls of Fire, which are shrimp balls served with Asian sauces. For the lover of Fish and Chips, the Ocean is the Limit Fish and Chips are served with three yummy saucesNew York Cheese and Bacon, Toasted Sausage Bits and Blue Cheese.

For the main entrees, the Red Crab's Ocean Deep Paella is highly recommended, with its quaint greenish color and delectable seafood toppings. The Mixed Seafood Macarena is a shrimp kebab served with rice and fruit side dishes. Seasons of Crab is also a delight because four types of crabmeat are served in one plateful of pasta.

For those who are not really into seafood, there is the barbecued steak, which is grilled US Angus beef served with a side dish and sauce. Porterhouse steak is also served with mashed potatoes, although it is recommended to eat it with add-ons such as Caesar Salad, Grilled Prawns and Grilled Tuna.

Of course, crabs are a specialty in this restaurant. Prices start at 95 pesos per 100 grams of crab. The restaurant serves an array of exotic and unique preparations of crab dishes, such as Pu-Yi Crab Vermicelli, Crab Singapura, Crab Tomiharu and the Crab Casino.

Prices at Red Crab start at 150 pesos. With its cozy dining atmosphere and its delectable dishes, guests, especially those who dream of a seafood heaven, are surely to find delight in its extensive seafood menu.

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Red Crab is located at 536 Remedios Street in Malate, Manila. Telephone number for reservations is 63-02-400-99-79.



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