Manila Restaurants

Known as the capital city of the Philippines, Manila is a prime location for outstanding restaurants that are ready to serve all the hungry stomachs out there. Overall, these first-class food service providers offer scrumptious cuisines, highly efficient services, as well as excellent places to hang out. For truly pleasurable fine dining experiences, visit these beautiful Manila restaurants and enjoy total customer satisfaction at highly affordable prices.

Almon Marina

Located at the second floor of Robinson’s Place Manila along Adriatico and Pedro Gil Streets, Almon Marina is a fine dining location that serves an assortment of delightful and enticing international cuisines. Its cozy, quiet, and relaxing atmosphere jives pretty well with the excellent tastes of its exquisitely good delicacies and specialties. Exciting dishes inside this topnotch Manila restaurant include Gourmet Sandwich, Roasted Beef Sandwich, and Kebab, all of which are available at a highly affordable price range of 200 to 500 pesos.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Found at the second floor of Robinson’s Place Manila along Pedro Gil Wing, Bacolod Chicken Inasal offers delicious chicken dishes as well as other yummy Filipino delicacies. This Manila restaurant provides a nice, convenient, and cheerful location where people can enjoy some precious moments with their loved ones, families, and friends while gorging over delectable dishes and refreshing drinks. With a budget of 200 pesos, customers can enjoy numerous excellent treats such as Luncheon Meat, Corned Chicken, as well as Crispy Boneless Dangit. Other fine specialties inside this topnotch dining facility are Adobo Flakes, Batchoy, and Grilled Chicken. Of course, a visit to this place is not complete without trying out the in-house specialty called Chicken Inasal.

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Barbara’s Restaurant

Situated at the second floor of Plaza San Luis Complex, just across San Agustin Church along Urdaneta and General Luna Streets in Manila, Barbara’s Restaurant is an amazing food service provider that servers an assortment of extremely fine yet super delicious Spanish and Filipino cuisines. For only 200 to 500 pesos, customers and guests can already get a load of scrumptious dishes and palatable delicacies such as Fresh Lumpiang Ubod, Sinigang na Sugpo, and Decadent Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce. Inside this cozy and quiet dining facility, they can also find other tasty treats like Linguini with Anchovies, Barbara’s Special Salad, and Sopa de Gallego. For other exquisite options, they can also order must-try dishes such as Sopa de Mariscos, Champignon a la Pobre, and Seafood Amelie.

Bedrock Bar and Grill Restaurant

Located along M. Adriatico Street within Malate in Manila, Bedrock Bar and Grill Restaurant is a topnotch dining facility that strives on its excellent services, vibrant ambiance, and outstanding food offerings. Generally, the attractive, cheerful, and lively atmosphere inside the place makes the dining experience of its customers more pleasurable and satisfying. Add to that, the brilliant tastes of its food never fail to satisfy even the meticulous customers out there. With a budget of 200 to 500 pesos, people can already get a hold of some of the finest Continental, International, and Filipino cuisines available in town. Among the most popular dishes served at this place are Chicken Fillet, German Sausage, and different kinds of seafood. For a start, it is very nice to try enticing delicacies like Tenderloin, Beef Chicken, and Kobe Beef.

Big Bowl Noodles

Found at 951 G. Masangkay Street within the geographical district of Binondo in Manila, Big Bowl Noodles is an outstanding dining establishment that serves authentic Chinese cuisine. For only 200 pesos, customers can already taste some of the finest dishes, delicacies, and specialties available inside this restaurant. The cheerful, cozy, and lively environment inside blends perfectly well the great-tasting food such as Broccoli with Oyster Sauce and Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Bing’s Bento and Grill Restaurant

Situated at 537 Ronquillo Street within the district of Santa Cruz in Manila, Bing’s Bento and Grill Restaurant offers super delicious grilled, Japanese, as well as Chinese delicacies. For only 200 pesos, customers can already experience the yummy tastes of in-house specialties like Chicken Teppan, Chicken Sotanghon Soup, and Homemade Sate Seafood. In addition, other exciting food varieties are also available such as Bento Sets, Gambas, and Sisig.


Ilustrado is a nice place for exquisite fine dining experience. It offers not just gastronomic pleasure but a trip down the lane through its picturesque setting.

Located at the walled city of Intramuros in Manila, Ilustrado offers the best tasting food and the best opportunity for you to enjoy the delectable dishes. Aside from filling regular guests day and night, Ilustrado also hosts many memorable events like weddings and birthdays, other special occasions as well as corporate affairs. They also have function rooms for small groups.

The menu is proudly Filipino, giving both locals and tourists alike a taste of the Philippines – literally. Savor the flavors from the different provinces with recipes ranging from Bagnet to Lengua and Paella with a touch of Filipino culinary excellence.

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Galileo Enoteca

If you dig Italian cuisine, Galileo Enotica is one of the best places to be in Manila. Concentrated on everything Italian, the restaurant’s menu is peppered with pasta dishes packaged nicely with perfect-tasting cold cuts and a glass of wine. Be warned, though, because Galileo Enotica is far from a fine dining restaurant. It is in an Italian diner set-up, yes but the appeal is spontaneous. It must also be noted that this Italian food hub is also a deli where you can find and buy everything Italian from pastas to all different kinds of cheeses and hams among others.

One of the greatest places to host intimate family dinners, Galileo Enotica is located at Mandaluyong City.

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Mah Yuen Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is located right in the middle of the Ermita area in Manila. If you love seafood you might want to try the profundity of their Asian menu. Many people consider the cuisine served here as Cantonese. That may be a bit of a half truth since you’ll find a mix of Japanese on list of dishes.

Mah Yuen Seafood Restaurant is conveniently located along Adriatico Street. It is really close to the Robinson’s shopping complex. The favorites among the dishes in the menu include sashimi maguro, shrimp stews, and sushi. Meals in this restaurant will cost some Php 200 and up, which is actually a reasonable price for the food and service you get. This restaurant actually has quite a following due its ambience and cuisine.

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Portico Restaurant

This restaurant is another great dining option when you’re somewhere in the Malate area. If you want to find a place where they serve a mix of Asian and western cuisine, then you’re in luck. The menu is quite extensive with oriental, Filipino, seafood, steak, ribs, veggie, salads, Japanese, and Italian dishes. Prices range from Php 120 to around Php 700.

Portico is one of those restaurants in Manila that is also a bar and cafe. Other than simply taking a table and dining the old fashioned way, you can dine a la carte in the patio or dine in private in their air conditioned glass house. As you may have noticed, the prices here are a tad more expensive than most restaurants in the metro.

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Cafe Havana Manila

If you’re looking for a dining option with a rather self indulgent ambience then head out Cafe Havana Manila. It’s one of the party places in the metro area that carries its own style. The food is fashioned after the Caribbean style but people usually flock here more for the party than for the meal. However, the food served in this restaurant is just as good as the sound of the restaurant’s name.

Walking into the restaurant, the first thing you’ll notice is the rather relaxed atmosphere with the people dining alfresco. They have a local band playing every night, which adds to the club experience. This club slash bar slash restaurant usually caters to a mixed audience with patrons coming from different backgrounds.

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Savory is one dining option you’ll find just about anywhere in metro. The menu is made up of a fusion of Filipino, western, and Chinese cuisine. Most of their stores open at eight in the morning and close at midnight. The average meal here costs around Php 300. If you like, you can just have your food delivered.

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Outback Steakhouse

Hardcore fans of American cuisine should never think twice about going to Outback Steakhouse. A casual food hub, this hip restaurant chain is based in Tampa, Florida. It has over 900 locations around the world and the Philippines is lucky enough to have at least three – one in Quezon City, one in Makati City, and another one in Muntinlupa City.

Outback Steakhouse is perfect for lovers of burgers and steaks and onion rings. Food is served just the way you like it. You will not have to worry whether your steak is rare or not. If you want it rare, you can have it rare. Good service plus good food undoubtedly makes Outback Steakhouse a must-try for food lovers and adventurers.

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Hard Rock Cafe Makati

If you party hard, you should never miss a moment to visit a Hard Rock Café, Philippine version. It is very accessible, situated at the heart of Makati City, at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 3, a popular shopping complex.

Aside from delectable food on the menu, people flock to Hard Rock Café during gimmick weekends because it hosts many impressive shows that will definitely keep your nights lively and lovely.

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If you are craving for the authentic Filipino taste, Cabalen-Manila presents a fairly good choice. This casual Filipino restaurant offers savory dishes that are native to the country complete with the actual scene – wooden tables, folk songs playing, etc.

Cabalen-Manila can be found in numerous locations all over the metro. The most popular among them is the one in Glorietta complex, Ayala Center, Makati. People flock to this location for recipes mostly picked up from Pampanga, a province in the northern part of the country well-known for delectable dishes. A common fare includes bopiz, laing, and adobo. Dessert is mostly all about the local ice cream called ‘sorbetes’ and the wide array of rice-based puddings.

One of the best allures of Cabalen-Manila is the buffet meal offered at specific times of the day. At a very reasonable fee, you can already enjoy many of Philippine’s finest dishes, including the exotic ones.

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Café Adriatico

Café Adriatico is originally located at the famous Malate strip of restaurants. Although that location is still in existence, the food hub has also ventured into other places around the metro including Gateway Mall in Quezon City. By the way, Café Adriatico is named after the street it is originally located at, Adriatico Street in Malate, Manila.

Café Adriatico is famous for its interesting fusion of Filipino and Spanish cuisine. It presents a very homey appeal that is best partnered with the authentic Filipino taste coupled with some Spanish inspiration. Among the popular dishes in the restaurant include tapsilog, fish steaks, and pasta among others.

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TGI Fridays

The ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ idea is lifted up from the fact that Friday is the last working day of the week in most parts of the world. But it is an idea not originally from the Philippines. That’s because TGI Fridays is an international chain of restaurants based in America. There are over 100 TGI Fridays in 51 countries worldwide.

In the Philippines, TGI Fridays is situated in a number of locations. The most popular of them all, however, can be found at El Pueblo Real de Manila in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

TGI Fridays serves authentic American dishes. Burgers and fries and steaks make up the menu; the servings are good enough for two. For those patrons who come up for a just a drink to cap off the workweek, something great to nibble on would be fried mozzarella and potato skins.

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The Aristocrat

Family food served at the dining table is mostly recipes that are handed down from older generations. That’s the basic principle behind The Aristocrat restaurant. It is a family-owned business whose menu is based from the recipes of old. It started out as a snack mobile then grew to a restaurant with many branches spread throughout the metro. Its main branch is situated along Roxas Boulevard.

The Aristocrat offers authentic Filipino cuisine. Recipes like Kaldereta, Tapa, Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Adobo, Sisig, Crispy Pata, and Daing na Bangus are quite very popular among local and foreign tourists alike. Most of the dishes that are in The Aristocrat menu are original recipes from the founder, Dona Engracia Cruz-Reyes, famously known as Aling Asiang.

The Aristocrat is the perfect destination whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you like Filipino food at its best, this is one of the best places to go to.

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Zamboanga Restaurant

Zamboanga Restaurant is a favorite destination among visiting tourists in the metro. It is an old, Filipino restaurant that is located at Malate, Manila, which has been tagged as the foreign strip or the tourist belt of the Philippines. This is where lots of foreigners go out during gimmick nights and practically throughout the day. It was founded in the 1970s and since then never stopped thrilling food enthusiasts from around the world.

Zamboanga Restaurant’s menu is composed of traditional Filipino favorites, seafood treats as well as exotic selections. Traditional Filipino dishes like Kare-Kare, Kaldereta,Crispy Pata, and Paksiw na Lechon are among the must-try recipes that you should never miss out. There are also countless dishes served at Zamboanga Restaurant that features crab, prawn, lobster, fish, and other seafood delights. Exotic recipes involve crab cooked in many different ways – spiced, peppered, fried, braised, and salted.

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SM Megamall Food Court

If you are traveling to the Philippines and you want a nice selection of food to be on your table, head on to SM Megamall Food Court. It is very accessible, located at the ground floor of SM MEgamall, which is right along EDSA.

SM Megamall Food Court presents a wide variety of food vendors offering an array of different cuisines -- from authentic Filipino to Spanish to Italian to American to Japanese to Chinese and other international dishes. You sure would never be short of choices at the food court because no matter what your palette requires, you will find it there.

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Manila's Red Crab

With seven thousand plus islands found in the country, it is no longer surprising that the Philippines has a good stock of seafood in its stable. Manila’s Red Crab is one of the many restaurants that can prove, somehow, that the quality of seafood in the country is superb.

Manila’s Red Crab is the ultimate seafood restaurant. It offers an array of mouth-watering dishes based from the freshest catch of crabs, fishes and shrimps among others. It can be found in numerous locations but the must-see is the one in Greenbelt, Makati. The ambience and food quality is as excellent as the others but it is the most accessible, especially for traveling tourists who are mostly stationed in Makati City where the finest hotels are located.

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Kamayan Restaurant

If you happen to be in the Philippines and you want to experience authentic Filipino cuisine, the best place to be is Kamayan Restaurant. Situated at numerous locations spread throughout the Metro, Kamayan offers the finest Filipino recipes – Lechon, Kare-Kare, Kaldereta, Adobong Kangkong, Rellenong Bangus – the choices are endless.

A wide variety of vegetable, pork, chicken, beef, and seafood recipes pepper the menu. Plus, there’s that allure of the Filipino cooking style – grill, stew, fried, etc. No wonder, there is always a beeline for the Kamayan side of the buffet table in Kamayan Restaurant. Yes, you read that right, there are different sides of the buffet table and yes, meals are offered eat-all-you-can style in specific hours. Kamayan Restaurant also offers Japanese and European cuisine. So there’s that side of the buffet table filled with either sushi or Paella. Plus, you get real good value for your food money. For a very reasonable price, you get to eat all that you can finish. That’s a pretty good deal.

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Café Via Mare

Café Via Mare is an amazing coffee shop chain spread around the metro. It features contemporary Filipino merienda or café in a cosmopolitan setting. Lately, Café Via Mare is also known tied with an oyster bar. Some branches features both the café and the oyster bar while others stick to the café setting.

The most popular Café Via Mare location is at The Landmark, in Ayala Center, Makati City. In this hip food hub, you can eat famous Filipino snack offerings such as dinuguan, pancit luglog, puto bumbong, and bibingka galapong among others anytime of the day. That is proven to be a surefire hit not just among Filipinos but among vising tourists as well.

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Hobbit House

Yes, there is definitely a wide range of restaurants that can be found in Manila. It is pure luck if you will have an opportunity to try all of them. But since you will never be as lucky, you may just choose to try the best that offers the best-tasting food, the most amazing service, and the most unique idea.

If you put a lot of weight on the third factor, you should try and eat out at Hobbit House. This hip food hub that is also a pub is located at Mabini Street in Manila. It also has a branch at the ever famous Boracay Island. The Hobbit House is unique in terms of dining setting and the kind of service. Why, this is one place in the metro where the waiters are midgets, giving you a good feel of “hobbits” and nothing less. The Hobbit House’s interior is also pretty amazing. The smoke-filled, dark interiors are perfect for a night of good food, gimmick fun, and live music.

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Jollibee is the best and the most popular fast food chain in the Philippines. In fact, it has countless branches spread throughout the country and even in neighboring countries, especially where Filipino communities are sizable. Why is it well-loved by the Filipinos? Because it presents American food like burgers and fries with the authentic taste that is characteristic of Filipino cuisine.

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