Manila Beaches

What are the beaches nearest Manila worth dipping into unlike the Bay along Roxas Boulevard in Manila which is good only for viewing a charming sunset? Here are some options.

Cavite Area

The first natural option will be beaches along the coast of Cavite. Cavite, just 30 kilometers from Manila, is accessible through the Coastal Road. Tourists can get to the first Cavite town, Bacoor, in 20 minutes from the Luneta Park. Cavite beaches nearest Manila would be those along coastal towns like Naic and Ternate which face the South China Sea and Corregidor in Bataan.

Puerto Azul, Cavite

Puerto Azul is a tourist beach spot in Ternate, Cavite. The Puerto Azul Beach Resort in Barangay Sapang is among beaches nearest Manila. It also has a sprawling 9-hole golf course and is just about 90 minutes away from Manila by car travel. At this place tourists are also treated to flowery bushes, dreamy hills, sandy beachfronts, and of course, lots of fresh seafood. Being adjacent to Manila, beach resort and hotel amenities in the area are mostly updated with modernity and transportation and communication facilities readily available.

Marbella Marina, Cavite

This seaside resort is located in Ternate, Cavite, about 2 hours or less from Manila. This resort has stylish rooms elegantly furnished and affords different water activities like aqua sports, snorkeling, and other beach games. Though well maintained, this is among public beaches nearest Manila. It is ideal for bathers and vacationers looking for a real good time outside Manila yet not so distant from it.

Caylabne Bay, Cavite

Caylabne Bay Resort in Ternate, Cavite is among posh and classy beaches nearest Manila. This beachfront affords a Spanish-Mediterranean ambiance and a seeming far-flung hideaway from Manila, though the place is really easily accessible to it. The lush forested surroundings give one a feeling of being secluded in a paradise island. Beach games and water sports are also possible here and vacationers are given a luring option of staying in this resort for a few days.

Cavite Beaches in Naic, Bacoor, and Kawit

Cavite Coastal towns like Naic, Bacoor, and Kawit mostly have rocky beachfronts already lacking the pristine qualities of tourist beaches. Nonetheless, local bathers mostly from Manila with tight budgets still frequent Cavite beaches nearest Manila like Lido Beach and Miramar along the said coastal towns. Native huts with bamboo tables and benches are rented out. There are also makeshift shower areas and comfort rooms available for a fee. Manual deep wells dot the area. Seashells like mussels and other sea mollusks are sold at these beaches which bathers grill fresh on coals.

Corregidor Area

Another place providing beaches nearest Manila is Corregidor Island in Bataan. Also surrounded by waters of the Manila Bay and South Chine Sea like the coasts of Cavite, Corregidor is currently under the management of Cavite City. It is just some 48 kilometers from Manila and accessible from it via fast hydrofoil sea vessels regularly plying the route for tourists from Roxas Boulevard in Manila. All around this tadpole-shaped island are beach spots, like Breakwater Point, Geary Point, Searchlight Point, and Wheeler Point.

Bataan Area

Finally, another possible place with beaches nearest Manila is Bataan. From Manila it only takes 40 minutes to Mariveles, the capital of the province. Bataan has Sun Moon and Castle’s Beach Resorts in Bagac and Villa Milagrosa Beach, Gold Coast Beach, and Manager’s Place Beach Resorts in Morong, among other places in Bataan. Worthy of mention is Montemar Beach Club in Bagac, Bataan. This beach resort took the initiative to spearhead eco-tourism in the province and is now a popular turtle haven.

A quick getaway from Manila to the nearest beach hideaway is possible with beaches nearest Manila.







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