Divisoria Market in Manila - Philippines

Anyone who had been to Divisoria Market would know that this is not just your ordinary marketplace. It is unmatched in terms of the variety of items on sale and the low price range. Thats why it has become a top favorite among different types of shoppers.

So Many Things to Buy

Divisoria Market is famous for just about anything and everything that can be sold and bought. It is an amazing hub for just about every kind of items under many different categories. There is a huge supply of clothing, accessories, jewelries, footwear, school items, handicrafts, food, and just about anything really. Think about something to buy and for sure, you will find it at Divisoria Market.

Divisoria Market is mostly busy everyday but it is especially crazy when it is near the school opening or Christmas. Shoppers pour in during these times to find quality items for a considerably low price.

Also, Divisoria Market is a favorite place for people who are looking for souvenir items that they will use as giveaways for birthdays, baptisms, and weddings. Theres a whole street, in fact, that is dedicated to such specialized pieces.

At a Very Low Price

Divisoria Market is a favorite place for bargain hunters. You would especially get a good deal if you buy in bulk. A wallet, for example, can be priced lower if you decide to get at least five pieces. Shoppers would definitely make a good value out of their money when they decide to spend it at Divisoria Market. A hundred peso can translate into many different items if you know the drill. At Divisoria Market, you can haggle right down to the last peso. And the retailers would not take it against you because that is the only advantage they have among the other retailers.

If you are not so much into the bewildering halls of market stalls and booths, you may want to try out the mall. There are a couple of malls installed within Divisoria Market. And all of them offer the same value that you can find on the streets. Probably higher, but definitely not as expensive as you would spend at an SM or Robinsons mall. There are also a wide variety of items on offer inside the malls. You sure would not have a shortage of items to buy.

Divisoria Market is also teeming with different food hubs that you can turn to when you are tired shopping. Food items ranging from native Filipino to just about everything else can be found here. With the wide selection of food available at Divisoria Market, you can also count it as a good place for a gastronomic adventure.



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