Chinatown Walking Tours in Manila - Philippines

Among the worthy things to do in Manila is join Chinatown walking tours, or else create one for oneself and ones group of friends or family. Besides being healthy, this walking tour in Manila offers an experience is quite educational.

There are organized walking tours in Manilawalking tours around Intramuros, the Chinese Cemetery, and Ermita, to name some. But try Chinatown walking tours first to get a feel of what a walking tour in Manila is like. For those who have tried the leisurely gimmick, a Chinatown walking tour is among relaxing and exciting things to do in Manila.

Why Chinatown walking tours? Why not just ride a car and roam around? First, the streets and alleys of Chinatown are so busy and crowded that riding a car might spoil everything and have the participant end up frustrated at the traffic and angry at policemen for not doing their jobs well. Second, there are lots of things to do in Manila Chinatown that are not possible when aboard a vehicle---like passing through alleys or eating right in the streets. And theres nothing like experiencing the city firsthand through a walking tour in Manila.

These are the things to bring in a walking tour in Manila, especially in Chinatown walking tours. Take two small towels, an extra shirt, pocket money for fare and a little shopping, a map of Manila or Chinatown, a small umbrella, bottled water, and some chocolates or biscuits. Dont forget to travel light. These things can be fitted in a spacious belt bag. Just wear light-colored shirts, shorts, and sneakers or trendy crock slippers. These prepares people for one of the thrilling things to do in Manila.

The first place to visit is Ongpin Street. It stretches from Sta. Cruz Church to Tomas Mapua at the corner of Recto Avenue. Ongpin is the center of Chinatown activities. Its been alive since the Sung Dynasty in China. Chinatown walking tours also pass by the Binondo Church built in 1596, Lorenzo Ruiz Plaza, and the monuments of Tomas Pinpin and Ramon Ongpin, famous people circa the 1600s and 1900s. There is also the welcoming Arc embellished with dragons and lanterns greeting guests and visitors at Sta. Cruz, the old bridge over the estero, and of course the many shops lined up especially along Ongpin Street.

Things to do in Manila that stimulate both mind and body, like a walking tour in Manila, help so much in better appreciating the city. Chinatown walking tours help appreciate not just the sights but also the soul of Chinatown.



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