Cabalen in Manila - Philippines

When its about a Manila restaurant offering Filipino native food and delicacy galore, its Cabalen restaurant most people go to. And when in the city of Manila, its the Cabalen-Manila right in the center of the city. Whats so special about it?

First, as mentioned above, its a Filipino native food classy restaurant that serves a wide range of delectable native dish choices and native sweets as well. People may go there in groups celebrating a big occasion, or as a family for simple celebrations, or singly for simple meals, or in partners for dates. This Manila restaurant, Cabalen-Manila, is located on the second floor of SM City at the corner of Arroceros, Concepcion, and San Marcelino Streets---right behind the City Hall of Manila.

The selection of original and mouth-watering native food in this Manila restaurant is amazing. One may opt to have a courteous waiter attend to the native dishes ordered, or else go for for the eat-all-you-can buffet style. Most patrons of Cabalen-Manila prefer the buffet style. Aside from being fun and enjoyable, people get a chance to sample all the dishes lined up for the fiesta-style buffet in this Filipino native food classy restaurant.

Just pay the buffet fee of P300 per person and one gets to enjoy all the sumptuous native dishes on display on the long buffet dinner table of this Manila restaurant. All dishes are kept warm through a steamy-hot pot holder used in catering services.

The usual dishes served at Cabalen-Manila, a Filipino native food classy restaurant popular for having a festive dining atmosphere and native interior design theme, are beef caldereta, chicken tinola, deep fried small crabs, fish and prawn sinigang, pork barbecues, grilled pork chops, fried chicken, roasted pig, deep fried squid rings, fried and grilled sea and fresh water fish sinugba, beef or pork kare-kare, pork menudo, beef and pork sinigang, and many more.

But whats really special about Cabalen-Manila are the special Kapampangan cuisines bragged as among the best in Luzon. This Manila restaurant serves authentic special Pampanga native dishes recommendable for balik-bayans or foreigner friends visiting Manila. They will surely love the food cooked with unique Kapampangan culinary secrets handed down from generation to generation, and now readily available in this Filipino native food classy restaurant.

Of course, at Cabalen-Manila, there are also the exceptional Pampanga sweets, flans, jellies, and creamy rice cakes for guests to enjoy all they want. All at merely P300 when eating in this Manila restaurant, a Filipino native food classy restaurant. For reservations call 522-90-55.



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